About Me

In a previous life I spent almost 22 years working for the Department of Defense doing CyberSecurity-ish type stuff (is that a thing?). Today, I’m a CyberSecurity focused Customer Engineer (formerly Premier Field Engineer) at Microsoft. I’m surrounded by some smart people daily… It’s an amazing gig. 🙂

My idea of a good time is flipping through a technical book, usually something PowerShell, Azure, or automation related on a Friday night. I also enjoy sharing what I know… or think I know, that’s probably why you’re here. I do also enjoy Camping and almost any sporting activity… I’m not a total geek, geez!

All that said, a couple of things to note. I can only share what I know. There is a better than average chance you may know more than I do. I write bad code and despite my best efforts I suspect I will continue to do so. I do try my best using the tools available and my knowledge. If you see something that you think may have been written by a 3-year-old please bring it to my attention. Also, use any code at your own risk.

My smiling face

Yes… That is a toolbox in the background. My office is in the Garage because reasons. 🙂