PowerShell Splatting How-To: I should use it more and so should you

In my experience splatting is one of those often overlooked and underutilized features of PowerShell. Full disclosure, I don’t use it regularly myself. Most times I just forget it’s a thing.

For those that are new to PowerShell, splatting looks more difficult than it really is. The whole idea of this video is to demonstrate how easy splatting is, explain the syntax, and encourage its use.

Mark Kraus has already put together a more concise and detailed explanation on the subject here https://get-powershellblog.blogspot.com/2019/11/teach-splating-or-die.html, I suggest you take a look. I particularly like Mark’s idea of "consider using splats for anything that uses 3 or more parameters". I’m going to adopt this philosophy as my own best practice going forward.