is now

If you clicked a link thinking you were going to end up on, you need not worry… this is not a rogue domain controlled by a nation state, your browser is not downloading some malicious payload (that I know of). You were simply forwarded here to because for the first time in I don’t know how many years I decided to rebrand and refocus. is now

My YouTube channel name and Twitter handle have changed as well.

Why the rebrand?

You may not care to understand the change so feel free to continue to the endless Tiktok rabbit hole if you feel the need.

My day job has recently become more and more exclusively Cybersecurity focused. As you can probably tell by some of the current content on this site/channel, I have always had a love for PowerShell and really automation in general. Recently, I have started working more with ARM Templates and Bicep to deploy Azure resources.

All that said, going forward I want to capture automation / code content that enables Security. That may be PowerShell, ARM, Bicep, or whatever neat tool I run across in my daily endeavors that I think can help people efficiently secure data and resources. In that vein I decided it was a great time to change the brand up to reflect the shift in focus. If it doesn’t make sense now I hope it will as we move forward.