Testing the DSC Pull Server, apply localhost.mof to a client node that disables Windows Firewall

In video number 45. Secure (HTTPS) DSC Pull Server with SQL Database using a Group Managed Service Account (gMSA), I setup an HTTPS DSC Pull server with a SQL backend using a gMSA to authenticate to SQL. We tested the Pull server simply by accessing the IIS website to verify that IIS was functioning, and the Database was built correctly.

In this video I will use this same infrastructure to configure the Windows Firewall on a client node. I will use the FirewallProfile resource from the NetworkingDSC Module on the PowerShell Gallery to accomplish the task. The video has all the step-by-step instructions, and you can download the code used at my website linked below.

I hope this was helpful.

This is the code to create the localhost.mof configuration file.

This will create the meta.mof to configure the LCM on the client node.